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05 August 2006

Well That Was Fun: In Which Gwen Doesn't Vote In The NYRA Elections

So I get onto NYRA at around, oh, three o'clock, spend the next half hour reading candidate biographies, questionnaires, statements, and the talk-to-the-candidates forum, I decide whom and what I'm going to vote for, I click on the Vote Here! link, and it tells me that it was over. Because "you have until the fifth of August to vote" doesn't mean midnight, it means six o'clock. PM. Eastern Standard Time. So, sorry Alex and Katrina and Luke and Scott, et cetera, I didn't vote for you.
But "Please remember to vote next year"? 'Scuse me? I happened to get on half an hour late and I get a snarky message? I don't mind it ending not-at-midnight-like-most-reasonable-people-would-expect, but thank you for completely biting my head off, whoever-it-was-that-wrote-that. How about my response being "Thank you for not being a * to people who hadn't had the opportunity to vote this year", where "*" represents a word I can't say here because my mother reads my blog and she'd wash out my keyboard with soap.
Oh well. There's always next year.
---Speaking of voting, the Arizona elections are coming up soon. I read the information booklet the Campaign for Clean Elections sent out to every household with a registered voter in it (well, I skipped the candidates for district representatives other than from our own district). I decided not to put check marks by the people I liked because I didn't want to unduly influence my parents when they read it (adults are very easily influenced by their children's choices, you know).
They didn't read it. It went into the trash.
*Singing:* Six hundred ninety days til I'm of age to vote, six hundred ninety days...

2 Meepage:

Anonymous Anonymous meeped...

Hmmm...I didn't even read that "please remember to vote next year" as a snarky message. I think you were just in a bad mood from already missing the vote, so you read it in a tone that probably wasn't intended. At least I hope not after all the great things you say about NYRA...nah, wouldn't wash your keyboard with soap...that would destroy it! I'd just take it away. ;0)
Nope, not local voters here...bad, I know. Oh well, you'll make up for it when you get to vote.

verification: smoxnd (good luck!)

07 August, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous meeped...

Hi there sweetheart... don't be in too big a hurry to grow up just in order to vote. You will never get these days back in which you get to enjoy the great freedom of youth. I too wanted to grow up fast, but soon you're there...and you wonder what happened to childhood, and being a goes by way too quickly. So enjoy it, and savor this time as a gift of God.

30 September, 2006  

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