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15 July 2006

She's Aliiiive!: In Which Gwen Blogs Again

I've, very important stuff. Somehow while doing very important stuff I managed to collect the following links, all of which lead to entertaining things. Unfortunately, due to the very important stuff I was doing, I didn't get to do more than scan the pages involved to determine if they were entertaining or not. Right.
I think I tried to read one of his books once, but I stopped when I realized that it wasn't science fiction. (Look, when the back of the book talks about heroic battles and a character being the "last of his race" and strange and alien lands, my mind doesn't automatically jump to some historical novel about Native Americans.) After reading this, I'm glad that I did. Mark Twain was hilarious.
On a side note, isn't it weird how ministers and mathematicians become great novelists under pen names? I probably would have gotten on well with Charles Dodgson, but not Samuel Clemens; yet (say) the Prince and the Pauper is just as readable as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. (Not to mention that it contains one of the funniest passages in any book I've ever read.)
This needs no comment whatsoever.
This is for other methylchloroisothiazolinone lovers out there. I found it trying to find out what this beloved hair product ingredient is (for instance, possibly a carcinogen, and a skin irritant for some people, which is why it's only used in rinse-off products). Not quite as long a chemical phrase as methylchloroisothiazolinone ethylparaben benzalkonium chloride, but

is pretty cool nonetheless.

Self-annihilating sentences:

And last but not least, Googlefight, where you can learn that the pen is mightier than the sword, that nerds are more popular than jocks, and that kids beat adults hands down, at least in terms of ghits.

As for that very important stuff I've been doing: Mainly what I've been doing lately involves various computer solitaire games (Spider, Kodak, Freecell) while waiting for Language Log posts to load, which in turn is a way to waste time while I wait for my dirt to settle in my dirt-water solution for Environmental Biology. (Is it a "solution" if nothing dissolved/was solved?) Yeah. I had a good birthday, by the way, and a nice Second of July. Discovered filk, thanks to a chain of links starting with a wikiHow article on 1337, moving on to How to Buy a Present for a Self-Proclaimed Geek or Nerd, through to the geek-nerd controversy on the Geek page in Wikipedia, through an article on science fiction, then somehow to a reference to filk, grokking, and the need to gafiate. My new favorite song title ever: "Never Set the Cat on Fire."