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02 May 2006

Links: In Which Gwen Posts Some Links (Clever Title, Huh?)

Everyone have a great Beltaine? Good, good. Or, oh, that's too bad, depending on your answer.
So, the promised links:
Totally awesome...dja know that Afton was popular at the turn of the century? that Katrina has been losing popularity as a name since the eighties? Me neither. Or, well, I didn't, depending on your answer.
So what do you get when Geoffrey Chaucer decides to blog? Creative spelling and hilarious posts.

Towel Day on the twenty-fifth of May this year...all hoopy froods know where their towels are at.

1 Meepage:

Anonymous SciVille meeped...

Hey, my name may not be popular as much as it used to be, but it's still damn cool. The Gulf Coast fears me! Mwahahaha!

Oh, and I just noticed your note under the Recent Posts thing. You didn't have to do that! Hehehe.

14 May, 2006  

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