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03 April 2006

Wish List: In Which Gwen Gets Greedy

You know how I'm usually really, really hard to shop for?
No longer.

LED Binary Watch
Water-Powered Alarm Clock
Blank Keyboard
Mind Molester
Binary LED Clock
Binary Finger Shirt
Schrodinger’s Cat Shirt (Front: Schrodinger’s Cat is Alive/Back: Schrodinger’s Cat is Dead)
Ant Farm, NASA-Style
Grow A Genuine 1-Up Mushroom
Retro Phone Handset
Mini Lava Lamp That Plugs Into USB Port
Ancient Egyptian Laser Board Game Deflexion
Programmable Projecting Wand
Laser Pointer/Stylus/Pen
LED-Powered Lantern
Infrared-beam Security Perimeter
Posable People
Digital Stick People
Classic Invader Game Wall Graphics
Roller-coaster Kit
1337 5(R4bb13
Particularly Achievement, Adversity, Beauty, Compromise, Discovery, Dreams, Leaders, Motivation, Potential, Power, Pressure, Quality, Risks, Sacrifice (#1), Success, Wishes

Oh yeah.

Hey, guess what? Mensa members get discounts!
The folks at, where they sell stuff for smart people, have a special Geekdeal for Mensans: get $5 off an order of at least $25 and $10 off an order over $50 through June 30. ThinkGeek carries everything from cutting-edge gadgets and gizmos to LED necklaces and geek-inspired welcome mats.

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