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03 April 2006

Red Laws Across the Nation: In Which Freedom Of Association Takes One Step Toward Restoration

So I finally finished searching all of the searchable legislatures in the country, states, territories, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and my results are available to anyone who e-mails me at jen (period) kay (period) leo (at sign) gmail (period) com with the subject line "Communism". (I'd love to attach them to the post, only Blogger doesn't want me to be able to attach things to posts. And it's too long to simply put in the body of the post. Unless you bug me about it.)
The Excel* chart tells you if a state has any anti-communism laws or not, and the Word* document tells you what it is.

*Yes, Microsoft Office programs. Sue me.

Don't select the "Read more here" below, it lies.

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