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10 April 2006

Chain Letters: In Which Gwen Declares War

I will not send on chain letters.
If they are stupid "if you're a true Christian you'll send this on, but if you don't, you're doing the work of Satan, especially if you simply delete this" emails I will simply delete them.
If they are "send it on to X people and your wish will come true in Y hours" emails I will also delete them, unless they have a nice poem or a joke or some redeeming factor.
If they are "dying girl mysteriously writes poem by David Weatherford and asks that you send this on to everyone you know because the American Cancer Society somehow is tracking the e-mail and donating three cents every time it's passed on" emails I will go to a little site I like to call "," search for it, and email The Facts back to the sender.
I will not send on chain letters. Ever. Period. Not to help fictional dying girls, not to increase my number of friends or amount of luck, not to go to heaven. End of Declaration of War.
Oh yeah, and don't bother checking below for more.

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