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Gwen's Spot

13 March 2006

Dancing Bananas Here!: In Which Gwen Increases NYRA Donations, Decreases Average Wealth Of The Gullible┬Ący_code=USD

It's an awe­­­im­a­tion! Yeah, that's it, a flash an­im­a­tion!

Go watch!

(For those who are, er, "flash-animation"-impaired, type a large number into the box by "Amount" and then click "Secure Checkout." Next, type in your billing address in the box labelled "Shipping Address" and your first and last names in the boxes by "First Name" and "Last Name." Then pick a card type that you have, type the number on the card, and pick your expiration date. Type in your name, as it appears on the card. Continue filling out information, and at the bottom of the page, type in the weird-looking numbers and letters. Click "Continue Checkout" and everything should be happy.

This is all so that the, er, animation of the, er, dancing bananas can have your credit card information displayed, for personalization!)

NYRA thanks you.

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