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01 October 2005

Woohoo! I was lucid dreaming!: In Which Gwen Talks About What She Does At Night, And No One Cares

So, the other night I had a partial lucid dream! (A lucid dream is a dream in which you know that you are dreaming and can actually control the dream.) Usually, if I figure out that I'm dreaming, I can't do anything about it- I might comment to someone else in the dream "it's all a dream anyway" but it doesn't change the narrative at all.
This dream, however, was different. The setting was a large room with lots of people and lots of food, a yummy party. How I could tell that I was dreaming was that I lost a tooth. (This may seem very strange, but losing a tooth is a frequent dream theme for me. In fact, it's the only time when I have feeling sensations, because I feel the tooth loosening and coming out. It's really gross, and I'm sure it symbolizes something, but in any case, the fact that I lose teeth way more often in dreamworld than the real world has finally penetrated the consciousness of my dream-person.) So what did I do when I took control of my dream? I tried to fly. I have never, ever had a flying dream, supposedly so common for everyone else (I've never had that dream where you get to school/work/the outside world and suddenly realize you're naked either, actually), and I thought it would be pretty cool.
Unfortunately, I was still enough in the dream that gravity still worked, although I managed to do superhuman bouncing (pretty fun) and even the usual floating-drifting that passes for flying in my dreams, but the dream took over in the form of the party getting busted up by our alien overlords before I got the chance to have an actual flying dream. So I was pretty bummed by that. Still, even if I didn't get an actual chance to fly, I had a lucid dream! Woohoo!

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Blogger Laura aka Angel meeped...

I love lucid dreaming! I've gotten pretty good at it, and it is the best! Cool that you are joining our forces! My "flying" dreams are mostly floating slightly above the ground, or sometimes a little more, but I don't usually like take off zoom zoom or anything. My kicker (yours being your tooth) in dreams used to be the elevator (it was always a crazy one!) but now I just look around during the dream for something that is "out of place" ie... someone I know is no longer living- something happening that doesn't make sense in our universe etc... and then it's like "oh wow, it IS a dream." and I enjoy it more... Post more on your dreams... I'm fascinated!

01 October, 2005  
Blogger Amanda meeped...

Dreams sure are fascinating! It's been a while since I had one of these, though...Your losing teeth reminds me for some reason of a dream I had a couple of years ago about an eyeball being in my calf, and when I squeezed the skin around it, toothpaste oozed out...sorry, don't know why I'm making that connection, but it just triggered that for me. The subconscious is truly a bizarre thing!

04 October, 2005  

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