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06 August 2005

Texas Instruments Contest Thingy: In Which Gwen Loses Her Mind

Recently I discovered something on the Texas Instruments website that allows you to design a calculator cover with their admittedly very limited design tools. Being bored, I did so, then discovered that I have an opportunity to win $1000 and a bunch of calculators for the school of my choice (and not in the You Could Win One Million Dollars! way either). All I have to do is get more people to vote for me than anybody else can. (Doubtful.)
So, go here and vote for me! You can vote once per day, but you have to be over thirteen (stupid adultist age restriction mutter mutter grrr). Or you can vote less. I really don't care all that much. But it would be nice to win.

Edit: Apparently the qualifying round is over, so voting will commence on the semi-finalists (one of whom I'm not) from 1 October to 15 October. Good luck, other people who from the looks of some of them just got all of their friends to get a whole bunch of different e-mail addresses/birthdays and vote more than once per day!

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Blogger Amanda meeped...

Hey, that's what I did (vote with all my email addresses & Tyson's)! I think we just got a late start. By the time I started voting, I saw others that had over 600 votes already!

13 August, 2005  

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