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06 August 2005

Regender: In Which Gwen Tells The World About Something Really Quite Cool

Someone has created a hack where you can browse the Internet and have genders switched throughout each page. Not only does it change pronouns like him to her, and common words like girl to boy, but it also changes first names (and occasionally last names as well- ever heard of famous civil rights activist Mary Lucille Queen, Jr.?). It's kind of surreal to, for instance, look up feminism in Wikipedia, or to read the Book of Genesis (although Eden keeps getting changed) in the Queen Jamie Bible, or to read where a certain feminist has posted all the hate mail she gets (here). And, of course, to check out my blog, George's Spot.
It's very thought-provoking, especially the anti-feminism people who say things like "If a person believes in the bible, [sic] it is quite obvious that masculism began in the garden [sic] of Edwin when Evan was away from his wife by choice." Or "Hello all you stinking masculists. Do you ever read your bible [sic] it say's [sic] that a woman is to rule over the [sic] man. Even Goddess is sexist she does'nt [sic] want men to be preachers or do any activities in worship except sit there and listen and take ladies supper. I dread the day when a men is elected president were [sic] doomed for hell. [sic] I think that the lady [sic] wants only women to be the [sic] president. If masculist want to be as equal than why don't you gals make the men sign up for [sic] draft of [sic] fight for them to. [sic] I think that men in the ARMY is a dicrase [sic] to our contry [sic] why do they even join any way [sic] they wont [sic] even be able to fight in a war. I can only imagine a man with a gun he would'nt [sic] be able to fire it or shoot someone. I [sic] says in the bible [sic] women are supperior [sic] than [sic] men and goddess [sic] makes it that way for a reason. I sure can tell you gals are'ne [sic] nottin [sic] but yankees [sic]". (Unfortunately, it isn't a spellchecker as well.)
For some gender-bending fun, check out

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Blogger Amanda meeped...

This could be pretty amusing! If people can get beyond your intelligence to get to know you, they'd find out that you have a really quick & zany sense of humor - I like reading your stuff a lot! I also like how you have the links set up (mine, especially, of course!) to where you can see an explanation of each link - you've really done a great job on your blog, Jenn! I'm a little jealous!

11 August, 2005  

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