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05 August 2005

Happy Anniversary!: In Which Gwen Does Something Sweet, And Hopes Everyone Forgets About It

Today is my parents' ten-year anniversary. They have been happily married since 5 August 1995 and are still going strong!
Due to all the crazy things going on right now, mostly building a house, they couldn't celebrate their anniversary as planned (going to Las Vegas to renew their vows with Elvis as the preacher) and in fact, both of them completely forget about their anniversary until Mom saw something with the date on it. (That's got to signify something...)
They went out and had lunch together, but other than that it's a pretty ordinary-seeming day.
Everyone wish them a happy anniversary and best wishes for the next ten years!

2 Meepage:

Anonymous Kathy Smith meeped...

Awwww, that is really sweet of you Jenn! Thank you and also thank you for the awesome sign on the door, note in word, and animation. You're so awesome! I'm lucky to have you for my daughter (and friend).

05 August, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous meeped...

Ok... I'm going to gag...
All this sweet stuff is getting too deep to dig out of! Icky!

Other than that, Happy 10th!

05 August, 2005  

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